Shown at Berliner Liste, contemporary art Ruhr, schoeneberger art, subjectobject gallery, gallery fantom, Atelier Bergmann, Go Art Bucharest


The video installation created by Marie Rolshoven and Florian Voss remembers the 136 victims of the Berlin Wall, visually inspired by the research work of historians like Hans-Hermann Hertle and Maria Nooke, published in the volume entitled The Victims at the Berlin Wall 1961-1989 (Ch.Links, Berlin 2011). The Berlin Wall is virtually reconstructed, the artists projecting on its image, as it was, graffiti drawings that narrate - with words and ideograms - the history of the victims.


Pope Francis calls it the globalization of indifference. We are the travellers of permanent transit, say the refugees.

The European Union is a house with 28 open doors. We Europeans are pleased at this newly acquired freedom and peace and the possibility of living and working in whatever area of Europe we choose.

The doors of Europe are locked tight on the outside, especially southwards. Europe’s furthest southern border is not on European soil but in Africa. Melilla, a Spanish exclave in Morocco with approx. 80 000 inhabitants, is so far away from Europe and our peaceful existence that we fail to see what is happening at this, our external border.

Jani Pietsch explored the fence in Melilla on foot and by bicycle. Her collage of video and sound recordings translocates Europe’s most southern land border to the centre of Europe.